Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Cowboy Hall of Fame...

Or....Ummm....I mean "The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum".

(It will always be "The Cowboy Hall of Fame" to me...just like the Science Museum of Oklahoma will always be the "Omniplex".)

Anyway...we took a home school field trip a couple weeks ago.  Wednesdays are free!!  The kids had so much fun - more than I thought they would.  They really enjoyed all of the "hands on" activities in the children's area.  Plus, they just loved playing outside in the leaves in the courtyard.  Who can blame them??


  1. Yep, it will always be the Cowboy Hall of Fame to me also. I love the pic of the kids with leaves in the air.

  2. Looks fun! Just found you through the Oklahoma web ring! Always nice to find other Okie bloggers. :)