Sunday, March 11, 2012

10 on 10

Well...I was very excited to participate in my first 10 on 10!!  (You can read about this by clicking on the 10 on 10 button at the bottom of this post).   Basically, the idea is to take 10 pictures on the 10th of the month.  You take one picture per hour for 10 hours.  I'm not sure if they are supposed to be consecutive or not??  For my first try, I have 10 pictures, but they are not 10 consecutive hours.

I really enjoyed this.  I love any reason to get my camera out and play with it.  I originally didn't want to include any of the faces of my family - but I just couldn't resist ;)  

Without further goes!!!

Morning playtime with the "Joes".  My son really wanted me to take a picture of them :)

Early lunch for P and V.  P loves to make quacking duck lips with his pringles. He learned that from his big sister.  

S watching Chronicles of Narnia.  Yes.  Saying this out loud makes me think of Lazy Sunday from SNL.  If you don't know it, it is quite hilarious.  Chris Parnell always makes me laugh.  

On our way to Grandma's, I thought I would walk over to the blackberry bushes - there are several families of red winged blackbirds living in there.  Wasn't able to get a picture, though :( 

We live in Tornado Alley.  We dropped the kids off and went shopping for a storm shelter.  We went to this place but they couldn't even start until the end of May.  What?!?!  Tornado season will be passed by then - I need something ASAP.  Going to get one on April 30th....that was a little better. 

Had to stop at Sonic for Happy Hour.  Since I'm giving up soda for Lent, I chose Sweet Tea!!  Had to discuss the tornado shelter before we signed up to have them come and dig one into our garage. 

Went from a sunny bright day to a cloudy rainy day.  Stopped to eat Mexican food with My Sweet since we were kid-free. :)  

Since we drove around town all day had to stop and fill up with $3.59/gallon gas.  Yikes! 

Spring Forward.  One hour less sleep.  

End of the day.  Sat down to check my e-mail and Bird wanted to have a visit.

Had so much fun participating!!  

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  1. Love the budgie photo! My first 10 on 10 too. I love how kids like to participate and offer things for us to photograph.

    Have a good day


  2. We love our budgie! Thanks for visiting :)